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According to the census 2011A.D, there are more than 125castes and 123 linguistic groups in Nepal. They follow different types of religious, culture and traditions. Being different from each other there is unity in Nepal and people have the same feeling of loving the nation.Nepal is a small country laying in south asia it occupies 0,.03% to the world and 0.3% to the asia.

Nepal ranks among the most culturally prominant nations, what makes the people of the nation unique is by its different demography and its hospitality, tolerance of cultural differences and having simplicity and peacefulness.

Ethic Group ofNepal:

Every one has its own identity, language and caste system. Nepal is full of Ethnic diversity, constituting the prominant groups being Chettri, Brahmin, Magar, Tharu, Tamang and Newar .Nepal has a diverse geography, including eight of the worlds ten tallest mountain ,such as Mount Everest, the highest part on Earth. Nepal is the birth place of Gautam Buddha.

The Neplese Culture is a fusion of the cultures of India ,Tibet, and Mongolia. There are many cultures and races coexisting peacefully in the are ,known as the Ans- Nayagara region, making it a gardenof all kinds. People of Hilly, Terai and Mountain all are different from each otherin every aspects.

Why is Nepal known as a country with unity in diversity?

Nepal’s culture is diverse, with ethicities ranging from other countries as well as multi- racial groups. Nepal, there are also significant numbers of people who worship ancestors as well as animists.
The concept of unity refers to wholeness, harmony, solidity and peace, wheres diversity refers to a varity of things. In the case of diversity people ,indigeneous people live in a countries with the same culture, values and beliefs.

Why Nepal is a multilingial country, Explain?

Nepal is a strong cultural and ethnic diversity.Many Nepalese people do not have a single first and second language, and the majority of Nepalese are multilingual . Nepal has a total population of over 70 million people, almost half of them speak Nepali.

Why Nepal is called Multi- Religious Country?

Nepal is called a “Multi- Religious country ” because it is home to people of many different religions. Hindu and Buddhist are two main religions practiced in Nepal, but other religions also practiced Muslims and Christians and others too. Nepal is a tolorant country where people of all religions are free to practice their beliefs. Music, Dance, Art, folks tales, language, literature, philosophy, religion are just a few of the many languages, cultures, religions that Nepal has to offer.

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