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National Sport of Nepal

Volleyball have been played since around 1895. This game was started since then and it was in 1964 when this sport first enterent in Olympic games. Now, Globally all countries follows this game in National level.

Every country has a national sport just like that, When we talk about the National Sports, it connects to the traditions and the people. The word national itself a respectful and patriotism and the country as a whole. So,there is no doubt that the national game of Nepal has a high significance in amongsy its people. While the National sports in countries are different, some might be established by the law and some not. The national game of a nation depends on many factors. Some of them are geographical or political factors, the local culture, but the main factor is played.As for Nepal, national games have a different history. Dandi Biyo has been unofficially considered the national game of Nepal for a long time but after 2017, Volleyball was declared as the national game of Nepal.

Volleyball is a game which is played by all age group people. From small to youngers all age group persons used to play this game. This game needs mental ,physical and technical stable while playing this game. I think this game is about mentality and the way of technices which players used.

Main Elements of the Game:

The moto of volleyball is to hit the volleyball over the net (by using your hands) running through the centre of the court while trying to get it to bounce in your opposite team. The opposite team have to try andb prevent the ball from bouncing before returning the ball. The rule of the game is players have to played out in best of 3 or 5 sets and the team with the most sets at the end of the game wins.

Necessary Equipment and Players:

Both team have 6 players on a court at any one time. Same gender players can play this game. Both team players have to be ready to takes up a position in with the attacking zone (at the back of the court).Three players have to be ready in each zone and rotate in a clock wise position after every point.

Rules of Volleyball:

  • Both team have 6 players from each team and also have 6 substitutes. Refree take a decision to substituted players at any time but if they are  to return can only be swapped for the player that replaced them.
  • Both team get chance to hit the ball up to three times before the ball must be returned. The Defensive team can try to block and return the ball again hiting it a maximum of three times.
  • To win games both team have to bring 25 points and have to bring 2 clear points its regular while playing this game.
  • Players of each team must have to score more points than opponents team.

How Volleyball Player team is Formed?

To became a proper volleybal team consists of 12 players. Another a coach and two assistants, a physiotherapist, and a doctor were necessary to conduct this game.

According to the rules 14 players may be recorded on the score sheet:

  • Less than 12 players: possibility of 1 Libero.
  • 12 players:        possibility of 1 or 2 Liberos.
  • 13-14 players:     possibility of 2 Liberos.
  • According to the rule, players should provide shirt, skirt, socks, and sport shoes. All players must wear equal uniforms except the libero. There will be number tag 1 to 20 in players t-shirt.
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